April 20, 2020

Capital Gains Tax on Death

Section 9HA of the Income Tax Act deals with deemed disposals by a deceased person. This section of the Act often causes some confusion, especially where […]
March 5, 2020

What Is Meant By “Connected Persons”?

On 28 January 2020, SARS released interpretation note 67 providing guidance on the term “connected persons” in section 1(1) of the Income Tax Act. The interpretation […]
March 5, 2020

Make the Most of a Helping Hand

Becoming an entrepreneur is not as easy as waking up with an idea and having money thrown at you to turn it into a reality. Most […]
March 5, 2020

Deemed Disposals and Tax Residency

Section 9H of the Income Tax Act deals with matters relating to the cessation of residency in South Africa. This section essentially states that where a […]
March 5, 2020

Section 7C – a practical explanation

What is section 7C? This section of the Income Tax Act is an anti-avoidance measure aimed at transactions between connected persons and trusts, where a trust […]
February 27, 2020

Cipc compliance checklist

Please take note of Notice 52 of 2019 which was issued by the Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office (CIPC), which now requires companies to complete […]
January 8, 2020

Old McDonald Had A Farm and Got Taxed

Farming in South Africa is like second nature to most South Africans, but the tax implications on farming operations seem to raise some questions when determining a […]
January 8, 2020

Managerial Accounting: The Key to Better Business

As a manager of an organisation, there is a great responsibility for decision making. The question lies in how a manager can utilise accounting information to […]
January 8, 2020

Technology makes the financial world go around

Accounting has moved from pen and paper to the cloud, monthly payments can be done through online banking apps, and big purchases like houses and other property can be […]
January 8, 2020

Deductible or not deductible?

On 15 November 2019, the Cape Town Tax Court handed down judgement in ITC24614. It is yet another judgement concerned with the distinction between expenses of […]
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