January 22, 2016

IFRS for SME’s: Recognition of revenue from the sale of goods

It is generally accepted that sales transactions of goods result in revenue at the time the transaction takes place. However, in terms of IFRS for SMEs, […]
November 12, 2015

VAT and the recovery of costs

The question of whether VAT must be levied on costs that are on-charged often arises, particularly when no VAT was incurred on the cost in the […]
November 12, 2015

Provisions and Liabilities: Do you know the difference?

Provisions and liabilities – words that are often used interchangeably but for accounting purposes they are not the same. To determine whether expenditure is a provision […]
November 11, 2015

Implications of Estate Duty

Estate duty is charged on the dutiable value of the estate in terms of the Estate Duty Act. The general rule is that if the taxpayer […]
November 11, 2015

Waarom die SAID stawende dokumente aanvra

Die meeste belastingbetalers ken daardie aaklige gevoel wanneer die SAID stawende dokumente aanvra. Watter stawende dokumente moet ek voorlê? Word ek nou geoudit? Het ek ‘n […]
October 29, 2015

Discounts, loyalty awards and warranties: Are you recording them correctly?

When you sell a product, a discount in the form of a volume discount or an early settlement discount may be given to the customer. Another […]
October 29, 2015

Proof required for income tax returns: Individuals

Following the conclusion of the tax year on 28 February 2014 documents are issued to you that must be retained for tax purposes. The following documents […]
October 29, 2015

Bespaar op ouditfooie: Gebruik ʼn finansiële oudit voorbereidings-kontrolelys

Aangesien  ʼn oudit die aandeelhouers en ander belanghebbende partye van ʼn besigheid teen die risiko van praktyke waar bedrog mag voorkom kan beskerm, kan hulle daarop […]
October 29, 2015

Should I draft a Will?

A mother who has always wanted her daughter to inherit her diamond engagement ring may never get her wish if she dies without leaving a valid […]
September 18, 2015

What’s the buzz about Business Rescue?

If a company/close corporation is in financial trouble and all possible avenues to save the business have been exhausted, there is one last option available to […]
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